Clash royale is the best game ever

I have played long time special hit game Clash of clans and I thought that no game could be better. But one day a new special hit game showed up called Clash Royale and I loved it. The characters in this game are similar to a clash of the clan, but game design and game play are very different. This game has real time duel mode, attacking system and has the objective of collecting cards so to unlock the characters.

clash royale tool

In addition, there are many arenas where the duel fight will be played and as the game proceeds, more and more arenas gets unlocked. The most challenging thing in this game is collecting gems. The more gems you have, the higher level you can be. Like in the previous special game you can buy gems, but why you should spend your money on an android game. I have played this game for a while and I have started looking some ways to get lots of free gams. I have found hacking software that gives you a lot of free gems and more. It works great and the best of all it is completely free to download. The most interesting thing in this game is key features like challenging your clan mates and friends to a private duel, building and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses and many more.I just love playing this game and with the help of online generator I can progress in this game really fast and Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones. This game is so amazing and I just love playing it. The developer has cleared that Clash Royale is not Clash of Clans 2 and is totally a distinctive game with a complete new game play. At first when you play this game you couldn’t see a lot of differences between Clash Royale and Clash of clans but soon you will realize why this game is so much better than previous supercell hit game. I love every second playing this game and you should download it and start playing this game that is now released for android phones.


When I first started playing the game, I had struggled to understand the basic fundamentals, whether I was playing the right way or the wrong way. As a beginner, it was definitely a challenge figuring out the game with the lack of guides and information. So that is why I have decided to help you out and share my discovery how to get free and lots of gems from this amazing gem hacking software. So if you want to advance in this game then I would recommend it to you to download this free hacking tool that will push you to the next level. I am hoping that this hacking tool will help and enlighten all the new players to get a better understanding and that you enjoy the game even more. So cam on all of you mobile gamers download Clash royale today, start playing it and do not forget to use this free online generator to be even better. That is real reason you should start using clash royale hack!

How to become better player at ourWorld?


If you are a fan of online multiplayer gaming, you must have heard about ourWorld. It is a game that has millions of players living as condo residents in a virtual world. You can sign up for free and then complete different tasks in order to gain points. Then you can indulge in activities like buying a condo and decorating it. You can also through parties and participate in contests. Things like making friends, going on dates and getting engaged are also possible in this game. It is almost like our real world. This makes it very easy to understand. But, getting good at it is not very easily as there are millions of players. The competition is too hard. There are some players that have been playing since the launch of game in 2008. Beating them is near to impossible if you are using the ordinary methods. You need something extra in order to compete with their years of experience. Here are a few of these extraordinary methods.

Understand how it works. As easy as it may seem, ourWorld is a very complex game. It has hundreds of features and thousands of items which will take you months to discover without any help. So, you should get help and know about all of them right away. You can easily find the necessary information at the ourWorld blog. Otherwise there are many websites that keep posting new posts about the game. You can also find complete guides to this game that will familiarize you with every single detail. You should also understand how different things in the game work. For instance, it is very important to know how you can earn coins and gems by completing tasks and activities.

Use the simple shortcut. It takes hours or even days to collect a nice amount of gems in this game. And if you start focusing completely on gems, you are unable to play the game properly and enjoy it. Thus, you should use ourWorld gem codes in order to make things easier for you. With the help of these codes, you can get dozens of gems directly added to your account without any effort. All you need to do is find a good ourWorld online gem generator. You can search the internet for such a web tool. On this website, you will put in your username and click the button. Within a couple of minutes, gems will be added to your account. There are numerous ourWorld hack websites, but actually only a few of them work. To find out about the good ones, you can either try all of them or directly get a list of those that work. You can get such a list at any of the ourWorld gem code blogs or forums.

Take help of other players. You can use the knowledge of your fellow players in order to improve your play. Let’s see how.

  • Attend many events and talk to others about new strategies
  • Join online communities and become part of discussions

What is best town in world to be a gamer?

This is question that some people may ask themself,which is best town or city to be born in if you are gamer or want to be one.  Well the answer on this question is New York is best city in the world if you want to be gamer. Most companies are from New York and they will pay you most money! So if you want to be gamer and to get paid your best bet is to head out to New York right now and start playing some video games.


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